Solana Struggles Below $160, Analysts Believe AI Meme Coin Raboo Will Outperform Kaspa Post Launch

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The top crypto coins have been in retracement all week, as most of them are stuck between market volatility and reducing investor interest. Solana (SOL) is one of the worst-hit tokens, as the SOL price keeps dropping daily, and even the trending Kaspa (KAS) has little to show for its attractive ROI now. Meanwhile, Raboo ($RABT) plans to oust its meme coin counterparts by simply outclassing them at what they do best–memes!

The $RABT presale has been quite convincing, too, and analysts are backing Raboo for profits this year.

Solana’s struggles get even more intense

The Solana ecosystem has been quite the hub of activity all year, as its latest meme coin influx drove traffic to the network. Unfortunately, all that activity is not translating to so much now, as SOL has been consolidating losses since last week.

Recovery looked to be on the cards for the top altcoin token last week, as the DeFi activity on Solana spiked. However, Coinbase’s BASE has been drawing attention away from the Solana blockchain. BASE combines Solana’s scalability and speed with Ethereum’s diverse features, so many traders are getting hooked.

Solana is trading well below $160, dropping as low as $147 on Thursday 13th. And there’s a possibility of even further declines to $140. With the current 14.9% weekly losses, the SOL price will need bullish interventions soon.

Kaspa: Is market volatility affecting KAS, too?

The market-wide depression has gotten to most of the top crypto coins, and even the trending Kaspa wasn’t let out. The token is trading at 6.3% losses on the weekly chart, and 5% within 24 hours.

This time last week, analysts predicted Kaspa to have a smooth run of profits. KAS was trading at 61% monthly profits, and it just had a 200% boost in trading volume. Many believed Kaspa could hit the dollar mark soon enough, but the token doesn’t seem to be beating the market’s waves.

The weekly losses on Kaspa are heavy, even though they don’t seem to be pulling the token well under. KAS even seems to be hanging on to some 40% monthly profits, meaning some bullish momentum could be returning to the network.

There’s market volatility ravaging the top crypto coins on the one hand, and Raboo is planning its revolutionary change in the meme world.

Now, that’s a meme with ambition, and we can’t wait to see what comes out of $RABT. 

Raboo’s top feature could revive meme creation

It’s not a very common occurrence for a meme coin to launch with a solid plan all laid out for its progression. All most of the memes do is chuck in some presale profits, and hope it all goes well from there.

But Raboo isn’t leaving much to chance. Despite having so many meme tokens in the crypto-verse, substandard memes are circulating every day, and Raboo is sick of it. So, the token came up with a sustainable plan to ensure memes are rolled out daily and they are of the highest quality. 

To start things out, Raboo will integrate AI functionalities into its meme creation process. Rabooscan is designed to crawl through the socials of $RABT holders and create fresh, new memes from the media content there using its generative capacity.

With a generative AI on hand to sort things out, Raboo users only have to post meme-worthy content on their pages, and the platform does the rest. With quality memes flowing regularly, the rest of the meme-verse will have to step up–or get absorbed into Raboo.


Usually, the presale is the main event for most meme projects. Not Raboo, though. It is simply an entry to the paradise on the other side.

Get your $RABT tokens today–they only cost $0.0048 per token, and a 100x spike is expected after the coin goes live on top exchanges.

You can participate in the Raboo presale here



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